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Five Senses: Wine Workshop at Montefiore Windmill

14 ינואר @ 16:00/18:00

100₪ להזמין כרטיסים לFive Senses: Wine Workshop at Montefiore Windmill
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מקום האירוע: Blumfield Blvd, Mishkanot Sha’ananim, Jerusalem

תאור קצר של האירוע “Five Senses: Wine Workshop at Montefiore Windmill”:
קטגוריה של האירוע: (עוד מופעים בקטגוריה – סדנאות והרצאות בישראל)
מארגן האירוע: ג’יימי סלוק | Jamie Sellouk (עוד מופעים של המארגן- כל המופעים של ג’יימי סלוק | Jamie Sellouk)


Are you a wine lover? Do you enjoy talking about your favorite types of wine? Do you want to know more about this magical beverage? 

Join an experiential wine workshop by Jerusalem Wineries at the Visitor Center in Montefiore Windmill located in the historic neighborhood of Mishkanot Sha’ananim.

The workshop is led by certified sommelier Jamie Slock, 2018 “Yadren” award winner.

During the workshop, you will taste a selected wine collection by Sam Soroka, Jerusalem Wineries’ winemaker. You’ll learn how to use your five senses during winetasting. You’ll discover your favorite wine type and why exactly wine is referred to as “Drink of the Gods”.

Cheese assortments and other refreshments will be served. 


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לוח הופעות של “Five Senses: Wine Workshop at Montefiore Windmill”:

תאריך: 14/01/2019
כתובת: Blumfield Blvd, Mishkanot Sha’ananim, Jerusalem(כל האירועים בBlumfield Blvd, Mishkanot Sha’ananim, Jerusalem)
שעת התחלה: 16:00
מחיר התחלתי: 100ש”ח
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Tel Aviv, Israel 66645 Israel
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