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Agromashov 2020

02.09.2020 @ 10:00/12:00

90₪ להזמין כרטיסים לAgromashov 2020
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מקום האירוע: Jerusalem Nation Buildings

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מארגן האירוע: משוב גרופ בע"מ (עוד מופעים של המארגן- כל המופעים של משוב גרופ בע"מ)

The annual international exhibition for the production and marketing of fresh agricultural produce, technology, machinary
On 02-03.09.2020, Tel-Aviv Exhibition Grounds,
The largest event in Israel for the marketing of agricultural produce.

 "We are building a bridge for your success in marketing agricultural produce."

The Agromashov 2020 exhibition is intended for growers with farms, buyers, wholesaler, chefs, food managers, importers and exporters of fresh agricultural products. Agriculture in Israel suffers from a low image and a deep crisis that has continued for several years. The Mashov exhibition – the largest and oldest annual international exhibition in Israel for the marketing of agricultural produce – aims to put Israeli agriculture at the center.
This year, the Mashov group, which organizes the event decided to connect the Mashov Exhibition with the Agricultural Solutions Exhibition, one of the best farmers, development centers, seed companies and large farms from around the country to encourage Israeli agriculture.
Among the participants in the exhibition are Knesset members, decision makers, C.E.O's and leading marketing managers from Israel and abroad, and the exhibition will span 5,000 square meters at the Tel Aviv fairgrounds and will display dozens of fruit and vegetable varieties that have not been exhibited to date, produce from dairies, wineries, olive presses and beehives, food pavilions in the style of the leading markets abroad and the first flower exhibition of its kind in Israel. This is in order to strengthen Israel's position as a leading and quality producer of fresh and unique agricultural produce.
We believe in Israeli agriculture and want to empower it.
We invite the general public to come and take part in the exhibition and hear from industry leaders how to reach agricultural solutions and see the latest developments in the field. Agriculture in terms of "collapse" but many countries see the Israeli agriculture industry model and we are here to show this model. Mashov  expo is the only exhibition in Israel that represents all the agricultural areas, the Golan Heights, the Galilee, the valleys, the Sharon, the south and the Arava fields.
Entrance fee to the exhibition – 25 EURO including VAT (for pavilions only).

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תאריך: 02/09/2020
כתובת: Jerusalem Nation Buildings(כל האירועים בJerusalem Nation Buildings)
שעת התחלה: 10:00
מחיר התחלתי: 90ש"ח
הזמנת כרטיסים: הזמנת כרטיסים

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