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Green Tara: Intuition & Creativity Retreat by Santoshi Amor

24.09.2020 @ 10:00/12:00

2550₪ להזמין כרטיסים לGreen Tara: Intuition & Creativity Retreat by Santoshi Amor
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Green Tara: Intuition & Creativity Retreat by Santoshi Amor

מקום האירוע: Hilla Farm, Gilboa – Israel

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מארגן האירוע: PAUSE (עוד מופעים של המארגן- כל המופעים של PAUSE)

PAUSE is proud to present:

By Santoshi Amor & Kristin Magnus
All woman tantra retreat

Hilla Farm, Israel

“By visiting the centre of ourselves we join the Circle of Wise Women… we start living from within.”

Green Tara reminds you to listen to your inner voice and to awaken the Wise woman within. The Woman that moves through life guided by her intuition. She invites you to connect with your capacity to see beyond the mind and become a Guide and an intuitive healer.
An opportunity to reconnect and activate your energetic potential, and to open to the creativity that is aligned with your core essence. Find out:

What is your heart’s expression
How your soul would like to dance with life
How to express your creative power in daily life
What is bringing your love to flower

In this course you can:
Discover your natural healing powers and psychic abilities
Explore your life purpose and prosperity consciousness to support you to manifest your dreams with Authenticity and Grace
Feel the freedom of opening your throat and unleash your Power
Allow sounds of anger and empathy, of pain and pleasure, of sadness and joy
Learn ways to maintain feminine
vitality and use it as fuel for creativity
Receive support and appreciation for who you Truly are

Some of the benefits of this process:
Rediscover your creativity and unique gifts
Become more Intuitive, empathic and sensitive with yourself and others
Learn psychic and healing techniques to apply to your daily life
Become an empowered woman rooted in your femininity
Be nourished by the Circle of Women

When you are fully in the moment, open and receptive, you become a channel of the Unknown. Your Life becomes a Masterpiece of Art.

The Practices include:
Tantra meditations
Shamanic rituals,
Breath and Energy work,
Conscious Touch
Channeling and Visualisation techniques
Dance, singing and painting.
Role play
Group sharing , Awareness and silence

Our Base Training is a profoundly transformative journey that will give you an in-depth understanding of your wholeness as a woman.

We named it after the Tibetan Goddess, Tara, who stands for The Awakened Feminine. It is designed in a 3 circular-modules format, that can be joined randomly, so you can start with any of the Basic Modules: RED TARA, WHITE TARA or GREEN TARA.

About Santoshi Amor
Founder of the international TANTRA WOMAN TRAINING and the renowned Ibiza Tantra Festival, Santoshi is been devoted to tantra for the last 25 years. Her presence and both her passion and spontaneity creates a contagious atmosphere that encourages participants to discover hidden aspects of themselves.

Santoshi abandoned her career as an architect to follow her heart and live at the Osho Community in India for 12 years, where she became a Tantra and Meditation teacher.
Afterwards, she retreated to the Himalayas to practice Tibetan Tantra.

Leaving India, she traveled the world sharing her Tantra vision in more than 17 different countries.Intimacy and Love are her quests in life. She is an insatiable explorer of the art of conscious love and conscious sexuality.

At the moment she is based in Ibiza, where she gathers people from all over the world to experience Living Tantra.

Her biggest passion is to support women to bloom into their higher potential.




About Kristin Magnus:

Tantra Teacher and Sexual Healer
An explorer of love and meaning of life, that has brought her to self-empowerment and freedom of forgiveness. She loves to be an inspiration to expand ourselves beyond imagination. Her tenderness holds you in love, and her presence supports you to go further. She has been a group leader for over 15 years, as Tantra teacher and TV-director.

She creates a safe space for transforming rituals, the expression of feelings, acting out archetypes and explore your deeper waters as well as joy and laughter.


Pricing Options:


1800nis + 750nis – studio
1800nis + 940nis – single room (room of 2 people)
1800nis + 1040nis – cabin of 4 people with private shower and toilet in each cabin
1800nis + 1700nis – Afrikan suite Couple only – price is per person.

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לוח הופעות של "Green Tara: Intuition & Creativity Retreat by Santoshi Amor":

תאריך: 24/09/2020
כתובת: Hilla Farm, Gilboa – Israel(כל האירועים בHilla Farm, Gilboa – Israel)
שעת התחלה: 10:00
מחיר התחלתי: 2550ש"ח
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